Do you often send similar messages to the same person? Do you keep your life organized by sending yourself reminder emails? If so, iQuickMail is for you.

iQuickMail enables you to send frequently sent emails quickly by populating an email draft with pre-entered To, Subject, Cc, Bcc, and Message fields of your choice. It is also possible to optionally include a picture from your library of photos at the end the email.

iQuickMail turns the process of sending such emails into a two tap process:

  • Tap iQuickMail to pre-populate the email
  • Tap the Send button


  • Unliminted number of email templates
  • Support for special characters and HTML tags
  • Support for including a picture from the device's Photos library
  • Support for reply/forward emails
  • Support for sending the mail from within iQuickMail or using the Mail application
  • Notification Center widget (iOS 8 and later)